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PharmaCONNECT (via ConnectRx.com) offers brands a unique opportunity to deliver timely engagements with targeted HCPs at critical decision points during their daily workflow. Our publication and website have been trusted tools for physicians for over 30 years. PharmaCONNECT allows brand partners the opportunity to leverage our history, integrity, credibility, and access to targeted HCP audience to deliver their most valuable resources and services through a suite of multi-channel capabilities.

Reaching nearly 700,000 verified US HCPs across 83 Specialties, PharmaCONNECT is an efficient way to reach the right doctors at the right time with your brand’s message while ensuring personalization at the physician level. Additionally, PharmaCONNECT offers "Pay for Performance" cost per engagement program options that remove client risk! In fact, our flagship program guarantees target HCP engagement with your most valuable resources (videos, savings resources, rep requests, sample requests, patient education, disease state education, clinical resources, virtual speaker registration, etc.). This program delivers unsurpassed value by including all traditional media capabilities (email, banners, keyword targeting, product look-ups, print ads, etc.) at no cost as a value-add for our clients.

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of target HCP engagement at the point of care
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Our Clients

PharmaCONNECT partners with a wide array of clients and brands from the smallest to the largest! We ‘ve delivered successful ROI programs for brands that run the full life-cycle spectrum…from pre-launch DSE to launch, all the way through to LOE and even OTC and Buy & Bill.

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Leading the development and execution of successful pharmaceutical marketing campaigns as clients or service providers for our entire professional careers!

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